Conditions And Purchase Format


  1. The unit is reserved online with USD 2000, following the reservation steps indicated on the page. *
  2. Beway will contact you to ask if you want us to manufacture a Standard unit or add equipment, you can also contact us as many times as necessary, then Beway will send you a Reservation Ticket for the unit by mail with the specifications of the same.
  3. Your unit will be arriving in Miami 4 months after your reservation. Shipping to Miami is free, if you do not want to increase the cost you can go to find the unit in Miami
  4. In the event that you prefer that we send the unit to your state, this cost will be above the unit. This information can be consulted without problems prior to purchase.
  5. At the time of withdrawing your unit, 100% of the payment is canceled. And in the case of shipping, it must be canceled once the unit leaves our facilities.

* The payment of the sign is the partial payment of the product, the Total cost of the product is reflected on the Web in each product and it can increase if you decide to add equipment.